The duration of this course is ten (10) one hour periods per cycle. There may be two or three cycles per school year depending on when this course was introduced.

Students receive all necessary books and materials at no cost.

Our goals are to train every student to read, understand and

play music on the piano.


This instructional course is available in public and private schools throughout San Francisco. Keyboard Educators has also written a course for pre-school aged children which is offered in Montessori and other pre-kindergarten schools.

If this program is not currently available at your child’s school, contact us to nominate your school for the Keyboard Educators

After School Music Program.

All classes are taught by qualified music teachers screened by the Keyboard Educators faculty board.

Some of our music instructors are Graduate students and music majors at local universities and come highly recommended by their department heads.

For accelerated, individualized training on the piano, private lessons are available. Further information is available by contacting us at or calling 415 665-2290.